September Jackal – Filming

posted on Sunday 19th September 2010
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We are so excited about the new Jackal Film, we need a nappy to contain ourselves. The new film contains at least one special guest. They say, never work with animals or children. But the star of the new Jackal Film, Rich Fulcher, star of The Mighty Boosh and Snuffbox, is both. And much much much much much much much much much much much much much more. That’s just how versatile he is. We managed to pin down the fast moving star with the aid of a net and a policeman and a copy of Twinkle for Girls. Fantastic stand-up and actress Sarah Kendall joined in in the conquest, and also will be appearing onscreen, horrified by the magnificence that is Rich Fulcher. The chemistry between those two made the camera virtually malfunction. Can’t wait for everyone to see the sparks flying. Mainly because of the presence of quite a large quantity of polyester.

The film is being processed by a soon to be psychologically tainted editor. Meanwhile, while we’re waiting, we can watch this.

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2 comments on “September Jackal – Filming”

  1. Didy says:

    Can’t wait for this! So many of my favourite people in one tiny Jackal space. Love it. xx

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