November Jackal Film!: Pebbles

posted on Thursday 2nd December 2010
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The snow is falling thickly and we have only just managed to shovel the snow from the hole, as it were, in order to put out the November film! We realised with sadness that we only have two Jackal Films left to go, and as a result, we have created a melancholy little existential film by the name of ‘Pebbles’ (not to be confused with Susan Boyle’s cat. Though hopefully we’ll get some internet traffic because of that. People are just fuckin’ desperate to catch a glimpse of that cat. Even if it’s puking.). Don’t worry, like a pernicious cult, Jackal Films will live on – we will be letting you know about our exciting evil 2011 plans anon!

Meanwhile, have a watch of this here film starring Richard Glover, whom you may have spotted as the dim-but-lovely ‘Martin’ in ‘The Sightseers’ and also in ‘The Mighty Boosh’. He turns in a wunderbar performance here, with a chocolatey tone that would induce me to buy a hot drink if he were to advertise one. He valiantly allowed himself to be painted yellow (it is our ambition to paint every comedy actor in the UK a different colour of the rainbow before 2012. A bit like Angelina Jolie with her adopted rainbow orphans, but more altruistic). Bizarrely, once painted yellow, Richard bore an uncanny resemblance to Bill Murray. If they ever make Ghostbusters… 4 (???), Richard should kill Bill Murray, paint himself yellow, and step in. Anyway anyway, I’m getting distracted. It’s the snow. We filmed in lovely DoP Annemarie’s house in Brixton way back in early november. She shot it brilliantly too, and most surreal and weird an experience it was, two weird painted jaundiced mimes, sitting bolt rigid on chairs. The neighbours thought we were a Russian interpretive dance troupe. I swear we will put out-takes and behind-the-scenes stuff up on youtube next year!

Here it is, starring Bill Murray and some woman putting on a bad Spanish accent. She needs to sort out her teeth. Jesus.

Once shot with the aid of lovely talented sound man Sam Nightingale, we handed over the reigns to animator extraordinaire Alex Morris (The Framley Examiner), whose work you should TOTALLY check out here. He gave the short it’s distinctive wobbly charm and terrifying denouement, plus a very excellent end gag! Chris Lince as usually worked his genius for us, painstakingly compositing and compositing. So thanks Chris! Get some rest now – your work here is done. And superthanks, jah? to David Hughes for stepping back into the breach once more and getting back into our editing saddle. Great to have you back, Dave! We love you!

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  2. Spacey Langhly says:

    Reminds me of a lecture given by a zen Buddhist master in which he told us a joke: “What did one rock say to the other?” He didn’t say anything for the rest of the night, and eventually left the room. Makes you value consciousness a bit more right? Right? Hello?

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