Happy Halloween! – October Film – Brethren

posted on Sunday 31st October 2010
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Here it is – Halloween. The best time of year as far as I’m concerned. Christmas for Goths. Despite Jackal having had The Mother of all Halloween parties last night, we managed to drag ourselves out of our dens, littered with bones and carcasses, to post the October Jackal Film, ‘Brethren’. ‘Brethren’ is loosely termed ‘a horror’, but I truly believe it redefines the genre. You’re never going to be able to look at shoes the same way again. Or wasps. Or cafes. It’s gonna ‘eff you up’, as they say.

Starring the marvellous Sharon Horgan, and the formidable Steve Evans, I really think we have discovered the new horror dream cast. It’s like Caroline Munro and Boris Karloff have been reborn as 21st century comedians. Please watch and enjoy, and try to get some sleep afterwards. If you can….

Thanks to our amazing producer Renee Vaughan Sutherland for making this all possible. Many vampiric kisses to you! The lovely Paul Synnott wrote some truly chilling and atmospheric music and sound design. And thanks a billion to Matt Stronge for mixing and editing the sound. Together you have made a beautiful spook-athon symphony!

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  1. Phippster says:

    Brilliant stuff.

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