December Jackal Film – This Christmastime

posted on Friday 31st December 2010
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In the words of sadly departed (or has he?) Michael Jackson, ‘This is it!’ – the last Jackal Film in what has been an amazing year. There’s been ups. There’s been downs. There’s been one sideways and a diagonal. It’s with mixed feelings and a mixed cocktail that we appraise the year and offer you a new treat on this New Year’s Eve!

We managed to shovel together, like so many mixed nuts, (I’m continuing with the party accoutrements theme) a selection of beautiful salty comedians earlier this month in Brixton recording studio ‘Artspace’. Of the people that were supposed to turn up, we’re especially chuffed that Waen Shepherd (Gary Le Strange), Antony Elvin, Gareth Tunley, Tony Way, Rich Fulcher and Suzi Lemur, bothered. They are all so brilliant in this here film. To add to the feeling of festive festivity, it was actually snowing outside, and everyone was slightly hungover, all of which added a lot of realism. So it’s with great joy we bring you, ‘This Christmastime’, a charity song that was recorded in 1983, but then never released. Because they realised the lyrics were just awful. Even worse than Live Aid.

Antony Elvin slaved away making this catchy ditty, so thanks Sir Elvo! You’re brilliant. Better than Lionel Richie. Big thanks goes out as always to Annemarie, who shot the bugger. And Bob Pipe, also on camera, who was our brilliant DoP on ‘Making It With Pam’ (he also wore the elephant mask!). Well done Jacqui and Dave Hughes, who quite literally did edit this all over Christmas, and I think did an incredible job, as always. Though there is something really quite magical about this offensive little film which I think they have brought to it, by sprinkling some kind of christmas editing magic over it. The film has an almost wistful quality to it. Though maybe I’m just projecting because I’m sad that this brilliant year is coming to a close.

Thank you thank you thank you to anyone who helped us out with these twelve films. We will never forget you. Unless we have forgotten you. In which case, thank you! Seriously we have had so much kindness and enthusiasm from so many talented talented people – we are humbled – we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks also to people who have watched, encouraged, cheered on, tweeted, retweeted, facebooked, commented, appraised, and for being a fantastic audience. And for not being too narked when we’ve bugged you with our pesky links – just think of us as affectionate but slightly slow puppies who just won’t let go of your trouser leg. We mean you no harm. We just want to hump you.

There are plans afoot for Jackal next year – GASP! – what could it be?! Perhaps some exclusive behind-the-scenes-and-outtakes footage from this year? Perhaps… a FEATURE FILM?!!! Watch this space! JACKAL SHALL RISE AGAIN MWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!! (Like Mum-Ra. Without the spit.)

Happy New Year! And byesy-bye. For now….

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2 comments on “December Jackal Film – This Christmastime”

  1. Didy says:

    I predict the saddest day of 2011 will be February 1st, when we realise there was no Jackal film in the days before.

    Thank you for all the hard work and funny things this year. It’s been a joy to watch every one, and they’ll be favourites for years and years to come.

    Here’s to you all, but especially to Alice & Jacqui.

    Seeya next year!


  2. jackalfilms says:

    Thanks Didy you are our favourite foxy cousin we love you!

    And thanks to everyone at The Velvet Onion for your support over the last year! You’re all amazing!!!! Happy New Year and onwards and upwards for The Onion!


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