August Jackal – Celeberama!

posted on Tuesday 31st August 2010
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So here it is, the August Jackal Film. And what a fitting end to the summer of 2010 – bright, steamy, with a wet finish. The party line here at Jackal is that we didn’t have time to make the August film, so we handed over the reins to Baal and his good friend Wendy (who is a trained relationships councillor). Of course you may have seen Baal in BBC Two’s “Bellamy’s People”, where he was filmed in all his glory. Well, he wasn’t very happy with the results and said that they had made him look “bulbous”. So when we offered him the chance to film whatever he wanted, he jumped at the chance. Literally, jumped at it. 

So here’s the amazing Baal and his friend Wendy giving advice to those who are most in need of it: celebrities. The boom operator was suffering at the time of filming. He was plagued by the cameraman’s very friendly but essentially dangerous dog, who kept mistaking the boom for a human baby. Nevertheless, the gods smiled on Baal and Wendy, as the dog had lost his bark in a previous newspaper accident, so the sound is flawless.  

The soothing images are courtesy of the amazing Chris Lince, who says “this is some of my finest work” and “I’ve just got my fingers crossed that Cameron sees this”. (We think he means James, not David. David is too busy with the new baby. Will the mother ever get to hold it we wonder? He’s a bit selfish hogging it all to himself isn’t he?) Ruth Greatrex was a great help to us when it came to sourcing images – a very clever lady she is too. Adam Gough did the edit and apparently “could not contain himself” whilst watching the rushes. We don’t know what this means. 

It is Wendy and Baal’s ambition to broadcast “Celeberama!” in 3D.

Thanks to Michele Caruso for doing the brilliant sound and to lovely lovely DoP Kate McDonough. Thanks for putting up with Baal and Wendy! Thanks to amazing Greer McNally for being a Superwoman as always! The joy that is Hanane Dauki did makeup on this as well as on A Dead Cat. And thanks so much to Jonathon Abbott at Ealing Studios for letting some nutters on the loose!

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  1. Cathal. says:

    Just caught this on Mr. Popper’s site. It’s only just too funny. I want more already. Well done.

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