Jacqueline Wright and Alice Lowe have been making films together since ages ago. But loads of people have never seen their films, or at least have never seen all of them. So they decided to make this website featuring all of the stuff they have done together, plus a whole new bunch of films, one for every month of 2010, featuring some of the best and most interesting comedy performers around. (Check out our ‘CALENDAR‘ page for the films so far…)

Hence Jackal was born. Damien of ‘The Omen’ was born of a jackal, and we hope we have given birth to some truly demonic and wicked projects through our somewhat paganistic venture. We wanted to complete this before 2012 hit and we are all destroyed. (Probably the jackal-headed god Anubis will stand in reckoning).

Doubtless due to the imminent apocalypse, this is an economically difficult time and that has had an impact on the film and TV industry, which means there is a lot of hesitation to take risks on unconventional projects. We don’t care about that. We are going to strive to make innovative and creative films using imagination, the goodwill of many talented people, and some human sacrifice. Every dog has its day. And we are both total dogs.

Oh yes, and Jackal is half Jacqui’s name and half Alice’s name. But there’s all that Anubis bullshit too which makes us sound a lot more cleverer. This website contains 12 grapes, 3 strawberries, an apple and loads of love and giving. Also some piss.

Alice and Jacqueline


The films on this website have screened at lots of places, including: the Cannes Film Festival; Cannes Lions; the Edinburgh Festival; the Rushes ISFF (nominated in the ‘Best Newcomer’ category); the ‘New British Talent’ event in Sao Paolo, Brazil; the ‘New British Talent’ programme at onedotzero; BEV and Warp X Last Laugh scheme, and Brief Encounters (nominated for the BBC Best New Filmmaker Award). In 2009 the very lovely Ben Blaine of Shooting People chose to host a mini-retrospective of the films at the BFI Southbank. At the ‘Give Me Direction‘ Screenwriting Conference in Dublin in May 2010, Jacqui and Alice showed their films, and were in a Jackal Q&A hosted by Sharon Horgan on behalf of the Irish Film Board and the Jameson Dublin International Film festival. Other guests included Bobby Farrelly of the legendary Farrelly Brothers, director Nicole Holofcener, producer Stephen Woolley and ‘Peepshow’ writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

Jackal have shown all of their 2010 films so far as part of the London ‘Film Directing for Women‘ Festival. They also screened as part of Tom Morris’s Jam Festival at The Cube in 2010 in association with the Bristol Old Vic. They participated in the Underwire Festival under BigTalk patronage. They showed their films and gave a talk at the London Comedy Writers Festival 2011 alongside speakers such as Jon Plowman, Lucy Lumsden and Dan Mazer. They are also planning a Jackal Screening in L.A. in collaboration with Cinefamily. Their project has been cited as ‘inspirational‘ by participants of these events, also aspiring filmmakers.

On twitter and facebook the Jackal shorts have garnered attention and praise from the likes of Kristen Schaal (Flight of The Conchords), artist David Shrigley, Robert Popper (Look Around You), Sam Bain (Peepshow), director Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace), Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Prejudice), Sharon Horgan (Pulling), amongst other comedians and writers who have become part of Jackal’s growing cult internet following.

Jackal are planning to make a feature film in 2011/2012.



Jackal Allstars

  • Antony Elvin
  • Simon Farnaby
  • Tom Meeten
  • Steve Oram
  • Shelley Longworth
  • Margaret Cabourne-Smith
  • James Bachman
  • Clare Thomson
  • Justin Edwards
  • Jordan Long
  • Sharon Horgan
  • Sarah Kendall
  • Rosalyn Wright
  • Steve Brody
  • Barunka O’Shaughnessy
  • Scott Brooksbank
  • Richard Glover
  • Rachel Stubbings
  • Katy Wix
  • Robert Popper
  • Rich Fulcher
  • Steve Evans
  • Tony Way
  • Gareth Tunley
  • Waen Shepherd


Jacqueline Wright, Director

Jacqueline directs television, short films, commercials and promos.  She trained at the London Film Academy; her tutors included Asif Kapadia, Terence Davies and Andrea Arnold.  She has been shortlisted for the BBC New Filmmakers Award, and has attended the Warsaw International Film Festival with the Script Factory’s Scene Insiders course, aimed at filmmakers making the leap to features.  She is represented by Laura Rourke at Independent and is currently writing a feature script.

Daisy Robertson, Producer

Daisy is the third witch of Eastwick in Jackal terms (she is Cher).  She has had a 12-year career in television production, including working on the pilot of ‘Look Around You’ and producing ‘LifeSpam’.  Quite frankly she’s a shit-hot producer and we love her.  She will be producing the films for our 2010 Calendar project.

Jane Watkins, Composer

Jane trained at Guildhall and is an exceptional musician. She composes for TV and film, and has helped on all of our projects either as composer or producer. We really couldn’t do it without her!

Lucy Bradridge, Designer

Lucy is a flash of colour in a grey world (and she often flashes her colour, much to our delight!). As well as collaborating with us on many projects, she is Cal McCrystal’s right-hand woman, doing costume and sets for TV and theatre.

Nicky Bentham (nee Moss), Producer

Nicky produced Junglophilia for us, but the grown-up world of feature films is her natural habitat.  Last year she co-produced the multi-award-winning feature Moon (starring Sam Rockwell).  She is an amazing producer, and a really good cook.  Her website is here.

Sam Hardy, Camera

Sam is a DoP who operated on Lifespam.  Recent comedy credits include a sketch show for Hat-Trick productions, Screenwipe, Newswipe and some hilarious stuff for Funny or Die. Sam does a lot of entertainment, drama and factual TV too – his website is here.

Jimmy Crippen, Photographer

Jimmy does all our fabulous stills. He’s the new David Bailey. But shh, don’t tell anyone, they’ll all want one. His website is here.

Claire McGonigal, Editor

Claire is a whizz kid who works at prestigious Final Cut Ltd, editing commercials and music videos. In her own words,
‘what I really love the most is cutting serious hard-hitting documentaries about pagans who worship the great white radish, or overgrown violent babies that terrorise their mothers.’ We’re not going to argue with that, but something tells us this girl will go far. Check out her showreel.

Greer McNally, 1st AD/Production

Greer is our total angel! She has helped Jackal in various ways, always there at the call of duty, ready to instruct us, or make a penis rocket out of a bottle of Jif at the drop of a hat. Greer has many strings to her bow and is always working on something or other, seemingly effortlessly. Here’s to working with you Greer!

Adam Gough, Editor

Adam ‘bloody’ Gough is a bloody genius. He found the time between 1st assistant editing Harry Potter and X bloody Men to edit some of our films, and for that we are truly grateful. An excellent bloke. You can see his impressive credits here.

Alice Lowe, Writer/Performer

Alice started doing live comedy, winning the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh festival for her part in Garth Marenghi’s Netherhead. This went on to become the cult hit Channel 4 series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace in which she starred as Liz. Since then she has appeared in numerous TV comedies such as The Mighty Boosh, Little Britain, Harry and Paul, and Edgar Wright’s blockbuster film Hot Fuzz. She toured with Steve Coogan as his supporting cast. She has also written LifeSpam for BBC3, Beehive for Channel 4 and has just filmed her first feature, Sightseers, for BigTalk and Film4. Sightseers is due for release in 2012 and is directed by award-winning director of KillList, Ben Wheatley.

Annemarie Lean-Vercoe, Cinematographer

Annemarie is the genius (we don’t use the word lightly) behind all of our pretty pictures.  Ammas is an amazing collaborator, and trained at the NFTS before working with Michael Winterbottom, among others.  Her website is here.

David Hughes, Editor

David trained at the London Film Academy and has edited the majority of our films. He is brilliant at cherry-picking the funnies and making them even funnier through his pacing – very clever.

Joce Capper, MD at Rushes

Rushes is post-production heaven, and Joce’s passion for film is inspirational.  She is on this list because of the support and generosity she’s given us.  We’re hugely grateful to her, and we expect that the hundreds of other filmmakers whose work she champions each year though the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival feel the same.

Sharon Lock & Simon Whalley, Graphics & Title Design

Sharon and Simon work at Framestore and produced the title sequences of LifeSpam and Junglophilia. They have worked with Chris Morris and Graham Lineham, to name but a few of their collaborations. They are amazingly talented and a lot of fun to boot – spot Simon’s cameo in LifeSpam!

Sarah Tryfan, Web Designer

Sarah is the renaissance woman who built this very small internet empire for us. She is one cool cat, and also turns her hand to theatrical stage management and portraiture. Her website is here.

Matt Stronge, Sound Editor

Matt Stronge is going ’strong’ in the comedy world tee hee! He’s been the dubbing mixer on The It Crowd, Look Around You, Mongrels as well as sound editor on Extras and Gavin Stacey.  As if that wasn’t enough, he’s currently sketch writing for ongoing TV projects as well as developing and producing a sketch show for the BBC! We’re delighted that he’s done some work for us as he’s a real catch!